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A.I. can help musicians


The results from A.I. model are references to help musicians in sketch stage of making music. Our A.I. model provides melodies for vocal line that matches musicians’ instrumental music. It creates ready-to-use references from users’ input.


Our model learns from tons of melodies and lyrics from all genres, country, and style. Based on this big data, the model attempts to play variation. Every time It produce different outcome, even from the same input.


Making music is a very time-consuming process. A.I. technology can reduce time and resources of making music, without sacrificing diversity. It would make the process of creation more enjoyable and productive.


Flowbox is a web service to help creators write better lyrics. It provides endless recommendations of word and sentence to inspire you. Please try and send feedback to us!!

🎉 Korean beta version is launched in Jan. 2019

👻 English beta version will be launched in Apr. 2019

👻 Mobile app will be launched in Jun. 2019


Mely is a background music service. Mely’s BGM generative model can create new song according to mood you choose. We develop innovative service to help you find suitable music for your content.

You can listen our generated BGM in Youtube channel. Please feel free to download music you like by the link in video description. You can use it commercially.

👻 Web service will be launched in Jul. 2019