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Augment Your Musical Strength

with Artificial Intelligence

make the creating process easy & enjoyable

Ai, a composer

When AI was first introduced into the music industry, its role was limited to improving user-experience of consumers. Now, AI is ready to innovate the user-experience of producers by composing a beautiful collaboration story with great musicians.

Ai, an inspirer

The process of creation always needs an inspiration. AI can have unlimited access to tremendously huge storage of music from every genre and from all over the world. AI that we designed can compose genuine tunes and original lyrics based on this source. These creations will provide musicians with more inspiration, and this partnership between artificial intelligence and human intelligence will bestow the music industry with a whole-new experience.

AI, a game changer

What aspect of AI makes it potentially desirable in the music industry? Song writers are demanded to keep up with the fast-changing trends in music. Music agencies need more than 4 months in average to compose a new song. Our AI can aid composers to speed up the creation process. AI will bring significant changes to the music industry and lead the music trend. You can be the innovator in the new era of music with the help of our AI.

Advantage of A.I.

in the field of music production


AI that we developed has access to a huge source of musical tunes and lyrics. Based on this database, it can generate various original melodies and lyrics that matches the instrumental music or keywords the users inputted. This work of AI will serve as a ready-to-use source of creation for composers.

Genuine Creation

Our AI does not function in a simple ‘one input one output’ mechanism. With a single source, it produces different results every time.

Time Efficient

AI technology can speed up the time-consuming process of music creation. It would make the process of creation more enjoyable and productive.

Team Members

Developers who fell in love with music
허원길 Wongil Huh
Co-founder, CEO
정구봉 Dave Jung
Co-founder, CTO
김범중 BeomJung Kim
Co-founder, COO
노혜미 Hyemi Noh
Lyrics Team Lead
안재민 Ahn Jaemin
Front Team Lead
손영웅 Hero Son
Music Director